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Before being felled by Long Covid, Alison taught in several beautiful locations in Greece and Spain. Here are some photos to whet your appetite for when she is well enough to resume them...


Accommodation in Anilio

Beautiful workshop space in the forest



Cortijo Romero is a beautiful holiday centre in the mountains of Andalucia, near the town of Orgiva. It provides courses throughout the year, usually with the choice of two facilitators in each week, as well as an early morning yoga or tai chi course, and other events and outings. I have been working there for 15 years, and keep going back to experience the great facilities, stunning scenery, excellent vegetarian food, and warm, friendly and engaged clientele.

The heavenly pool

Participant in my art class goes overboard 


Flip to the Fun Side

I haven't had so much fun on a course for YEARS!!.. Alison was magnificent as a course leader. She clearly knows her subject VERY well and was able to demonstrate AND teach it really very effectively


Entertaining, fun, challenging at times, varied and never boring. I would give Alison Goldie and her workshop a 5 star review


We would not have achieved what we did and come away with the same sense of enjoyment and satisfaction if it hadn't been for Alison. I can't recommend her too highly. This was the best time I've had at Cortijo Romero.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Fun and Inspirational. 

Really fun and challenging and rewarding. 

Fantastic. Perfectly managed. Fun, instructive, varied. Wonderful.

Flip to the Fun Side

A session of improvisation games, interesting exercises and humorous tasks in which you indulge yourself in the absorbing business of playing, rather than working or worrying.

Alison takes you through a selection from her huge compendium of fun activities.  All you need to participate is a body and a voice - talent is optional.

If you really want outcomes, you could say that the session will help you to:


  • Use Your Imagination

  • Feel Liberated

  • Look Stupid and Not Mind

  • Be More Creative

  • Enjoy Being Confident


NB Not suitable for those with a miserable disposition.

Reasons to be Cheerful

There’s a lot going on in the world, and it’s not all good! Sometimes, a person can feel overwhelmed by outside forces and feel powerless and unbalanced. When things get tough, we don’t need fancy solutions, we need to get back to ourselves, and what makes us feel centred and happy again; how can we raise our spirits, improve our strength and develop our creativity?

This popular course offers a series of self-contained short sessions, incorporating some of the best drama and improvisation games and exercises, combined with activities that have been proved over history to keep people sane: dancing, stretching, painting, singing, creative writing and mucking about. 

Moonrise over Cortijo Romero

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