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'An amazing, entertaining, warm and genuine presenter'

Emma Marrington, CPRE National Office

'What a fantastic few days. THANK YOU! You're so inspirational. So patient. So classy...'

Cat Weatherill, storyteller, on creative mentoring


‘Alison is such a vibrant, positive force, inside and outside the activity room. The world needs more people like her!!’
Melvyn Burgess, participant, Flip to the Fun Side,

Cortijo Romero


'Heart-warming, tear-inducing, knicker-wetting fun.'

Simon Buckland, participant, Improv Comedy class, Skyros


‘I haven’t laughed so much in ages….people were raring to get back into the real world and start flirting for England’

 Sally Shalam, Sunday Express on Flirtshop​


‘It was enormous fun and my sides literally ached with laughter.’
Rachel Baird, Daily Express, on Improv course


‘Brilliant fun, plus I learnt things to use with friends, kids and in life.’
Participant, Improv class, The Space, Stroud


‘A chance to let go into the creative moment and have lots of fun through a wonderful array of exercises.’
Participant, Wilderness Drama  weekend, Gloucestershire


'Brilliant!!! Truly learnt many skills to apply to a fuller and fun filled life! Many exercises prised open a new creativity within me, with many valuable tools to use in my professional capacity.'

Participant, Reasons to be Cheerful, Cortijo Romero


'The session you ran yesterday was the best I've been to in the whole of my career - I think everyone got something out of the day….it's a direct benefit to our work rather than just indirect….and you both did fantastically well at bringing people together!'

David Woodcock, PA Consulting Services (improv day co-facilitated with Logan Murray)

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